Tuesday, May 27, 2008

In those jeans

Last week, I went to another sample sale. It was a William Rast/People's Liberation warehouse sale. Samples sales are hit or miss. Sometimes there are good deals to be had and sometimes it just sucks ass. This was not an ass sucking sale. It wasn't crowded AT ALL. Usually, people line up an hour ahead of time and it is super crowded inside. I was so happy when I showed up 20 minutes before the sale started and saw somethingI've never seen before at a sale - ZERO people waiting! At first I thought I was in the wrong area. I double checked that I had the right address and did a little happy dance that there was no line. Then I started wondering why no one was there. Maybe the sale was canceled and I didn't know it. Maybe everyone knows the sale is going to suck ass. I was hoping neither was the case. I did see a few other girls driving around and looking at the building. At 9:00 I headed inside and found out that there was a huge selection. In my size, there were probably 4 or 5 big racks to look through. Granted, many of them were the same styles, but still. There was a huge selection and a good amount of each style so there was no fighting over a small selection. Not only that, but the prices were unbelievable. $50 for a pair of jeans. Can you believe that? $50 for jeans that normally retail around $189 to over $200. That price is just too good to pass up I say. I got myself two pairs, which I was happy with. That's 2 pairs for less than the price of one. It really doesn't get any better than that.

Here's a picture of what I brought home with me that day. Both jeans are William Rast. The one on the left is a pair of skinny jeans and the pair on the right have flared legs.