Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Viva Las Vegas take 2

Off to Vegas again. This time we're flying. I'm actually at the airport right now.

Unfortunatley, the premise of this trip isn't as happy as our last planned trip to Vegas. My uncle passed away over the weekend. The funeral is tomorrow. On a happier note, The Boy's birthday was Monday so we're staying in Vegas until Sunday to celebrate. We have some friends that were already planning on being in Vegas for the weekend and some of my cousins have decided to stay the weekend in Vegas as well.

I hope our travel to Vegas isn't as eventful as our previous trip.


Angela said...

sorry to hear about your uncle :(

aside from that, i hope you have a safe and fun time :)

That Girl said...

I just want to chronicle my thoughts for you.

!!!!! We're going to be in Vegas at the same time!!!!

:-( Oh, she's not going to be doing Vegas the same way I am :-(

I'm sorry to hear about your Uncle. I hope you are able to enjoy the rest of your weekend and if you happen to see me in a large group of girls who seem to be louder and more "look at me" than any other group around - flag me down!