Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Whew! I haven't blogged AT ALL this year. I just lacked the desire to. I'm going to try to start blogging again. We'll see how that goes.

Since my last post back in 2008 there has been one major change. The Boy and I are no longer together. It was pretty much a mutual thing, although it was The Boy that brought it up. I had been contemplating our relationship for awhile before we broke up. There are a lot of things that were wrong with our relationship and a lot of things that led to our break up, but I will only highlight a few of the main reasons. Things just weren't the same. We had grown apart. We want different things, at least at this point in our lives we do. The distance didn't help either. I think we felt disconnected from each other. I have my friends here and he has friends in LA, many of which I have never even met. I felt like there was a part of his life that I had nothing to do with. Don' t get me wrong, I think it's okay to have our own separate friends - healthy even. I felt very negelcted. We didn't talk everyday and we only saw each other on weekends. The Boy isn't in school right now and doesn't work, so I felt that he could have spent more time down here with me. He preferred to stay in LA and go out with the guys. Finances and money was also a big concern. The Boy spends money like it is going out of style. I don't even want to think about how high his credit card bill is. I'm sure it's very very high. I like to spend money too, but I'm a little more frugal with my spending. So that's that in a nutshell.

Being single is a whole new world to me. I haven't been single since I was 14! It's always been boyfriend after boyfriend so this is all new to me. It's both exciting and scary. I look forward to having the chance to date. Although, I'm not excited about people constantly trying to fix me up! I am horrible at turning people down for dates. I've been asked out a few times by guys that I'm not interested in at all. I knew one guy was planning on asking me out and I tried so hard to avoid it, but it happened anyways. I was so lame. Ugh - it makes me cringe just to think of it. The worst part is that he's a customer at my work and I see him all the time. I've known that he has been interested in me, but he never had the chance to ask me out because I was with The Boy. My co-worker, Roni, told him we had broken up. I was like, WHY?! Why did she have to tell him? She knows I don't like him. She just thought it was funny. She even encouraged him to ask me out, knowing that I would say no. How mean is that?

Since The Boy, I have kinda started a new relationship. I wouldn't call it a relationship really.....more of a potential new relationship. The Potential New Boy is an old boyfriend from middle school. We reconnected recently and started hanging out. There is an attraction there and we did kinda start something, but for now we're holding off on things. I don't want to rush into a new relationship right away. I'm just not ready for a relationship.

I probably won't blog again for awhile. I'm leaving this Saturday for my first real vacation in over 2 years. I'm going to Bali and I am uberexcited! :)

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Angela said...

i've been waiting to hear about you! i'm so glad you posted again. i'm glad you're taking a positive outlook on recent events with the ex Boy - things happen for a reason, ya know? and i hope things turn out how you want them to with the new potential boy! have fun in bali!!