Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Attention Target shoppers

I love Target. I'd live there if I could. Just like that one movie where Natalie Portman lived in a Wal-mart - except I'd be living there because I heart it so much, not because I had nowhere else to go. I probably go to Target two or three times a week and each time I'm very excited to be there. Tonight I went there to return a storage bin I purchased the other day (it was too big).
Since I was there I just HAD to take a look around. I decided to scope out the live Christmas trees in the garden center. Can I just say OH MY GOD! As soon as I stepped in the garden center it was like Christmas heaven. It smelled all piney and Christmas tree-y. If you couldn't tell by now, I love love love Christmas. I walked around and looked at the trees. I didn't buy one though. I need to go back when I am prepared to bring a tree home (read: 4runner and a male companion to carry the tree). I did purchase some Christmas decor. Here's what I got:

Stocking holders

Some gold ornaments to put in a cylinder vase.

I also got some garland like this, but with lights.


AccordingToAngela said...

i'm not sure how i found my way to your blog, but i'm glad i did, 'cause your writing is pretty entertaining :)

anyway, don't ya just love target? oh wait, you do - that's what this whole post was about! hehe

everytime i walk into target, i forget what i went there for and end up with a cart full of stuff i didn't intend to buy. my husband says i should get those blinders that horses wear to keep them going in one straight line!! hahah a lot of good they'll do if i don't remember what i was there for in the first place - i'll just zigzag through each aisle like i normally do, but much more slowly

bubbie said...

Angela, I do the same exact thing! I go to target to buy something and when i get there, i have no idea what it was for. so i'll just walk around aimlessly buying other things instead.