Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Happy almost Valentine's Day!

Tomorrow the boy and I are going out to dinner. Nothing too fancy or expensive though, just a simple and relaxed dinner. We don't even exchange gifts. He gets me flowers, but that's it. It's okay though, because I'm not really into Valentine's Day.

I was going to just cook dinner at home. Then I realized that I can't even remember the last time the boy and I went out for a nice dinner alone. We've been together for so long, that we often find ourselves just hanging out at home or only going out when there are other people involved. Me thinks that we need to have date nights more often.


Kate said...

happy valentine's day!!

Angela said...

hope you and your boy had a great valentine's day!! that flower vase with conversation hearts is cute - did he get it for you?

bubbie said...

Angela, the vase of tulips I made myself. Not an original idea of mine, though. I saw it on the Martha Stewart website. The boy got me two dozen roses.