Monday, February 11, 2008

Happy early birthday to me

I scored a pair of Lanvin ballet flats at the Barney's sale this weekend. The boy actually bought them for me as part of my birthday gift. They were quite the splurge. I also got a Top Shop top. The boy picked up a pair of shoes. I was hoping to find some boots. No such luck. I only saw two pairs of boots in my size. Both pairs were just eh. I didn't spend much time browsing the racks of clothes at the sale. By the time we got there, I had a horrible headache and just wasn't in the mood. There are many things that can cause me to not be in the mood. Headaches. Uncomfortable clothing and/or shoes. Crowds. All three non-shopping mood causing factors were present on Saturday.

Before heading home, we ate at Bossa Nova over on Pico and swung by Beard Papa's for some yummy cream puffs.

Here is a rundown of my Sunday
  • Slept in. Missed church - oops!
  • Walked the dog. Had breakfast then gave the dog a much needed bath.
  • After everyone was clean, the boy, the dog and I all fell asleep on the bed. Can we say lazy?
  • Woke up from aforementioned nap and did homework while the boy watched basketball and played xbox.
  • Had dinner with the boy and his parents before driving back home to San Diego.
  • Wishing it wasn't Sunday night and that I didn't have to work tomorrow


Kate said...

I love ballet flats, but I hate crowds, it's probably good I didn't know about the sale.

Anonymous said...

shoes = super cute!

sometimes i feel like we're living the same life - your sunday sounds EXACTLY like the sundays we tend to have - even the part about visiting inlaws who live far away and dogs who are seriously in need of a bath (oh and the basketball and xbox reference)LOL

Anonymous said...

that anonymous comment is from me, Angela (according to angela) - for some reason, it won't let me log in with my google ID! :D