Thursday, March 27, 2008

A little time off

I've been off from work this whole week. I've been doing a lot of nothing. I've been sleeping in (which I never do. I'm an early bird), playing with the dog, and watching movies on On Demand. It feels good to just hang out for a few extra days. I did drive up and hang out with The Boy for a little bit. This is what we did.

Yup, that's Kanye West. I know it's hard to see, but it really is him. He was at the club Area in Los Angeles Tuesday night along with Common. It was crazy crowded up in there. I'm talking standing shoulder to shoulder with some sweaty/smelly people, but it was worth it. They basically did a little mini-concert. They performed Go, Flashing Lights, Stonger, Good Life, and a few others I can't remember right now. What makes it even better is that it was free to get in. My friend has the hook up and was able to get us in without a cover charge. Perez Hilton even posted about it.