Monday, March 17, 2008

Where have all the girl scouts gone?

I love girl scout cookies. My most favorite of them all is the thin mints. I could eat a whole box of them all by myself. Seriously, I love them. This year I haven't seen any girl scouts at the stores, which is odd because I go to the grocery store A LOT. Once a week at least. I didn't realize that this Sunday was last day of girl scout cookie season. I am so sad. If I had known, I totally would've driven around to find me some cookies. The Boy actually bought some cookies a few weeks ago, but he didn't buy the kind I liked. What good is he to me if he can't even buy me one little box of cookies? He just might need to be replaced.


Kate said...

You need to work with a man with 6 children. I had no problem finding girl scout cookies. said...

haha you're so funny!!! i missed out on the thin mints, too, dammit!! dreyers makes an ice cream that has them, they also make one that has samoas! i know, i know, it a'int the same, but it's close enough!! :)

happy easter, girl. hope you have a good day, whatever you do