Sunday, June 1, 2008

Lazy days

The last week I had off from work was nice. Made me want to never have to go back to work. Here's a quick run down of what we did:

  • Went to the gym every day - EVERY DAY! The Boy is a monster! He pushes me so hard at the gym. It's funny sometimes. I'll be doing weights and he'll want me to do heavier weights and I won't want to. One time there was this older lady working oujt next to us. She had a personal trainer and they were doing the same exercise we were doing, but the old lady ywas doing about 15 more pounds than I was doing. The Boy kept saying to me, "See that old lady? You want here to beat you. She's doing more than you. Don't be a wuss. She's beating you."

  • Did some shopping. Checked out the Nordstrom half yearly sale and bought a dress.

  • Ate at 3 Square Cafe in Venice and Jinky's Cafe in Sherman Oaks, two places I've been wanting to try

  • Ate at a bunch of restaurants in LA that I miss, such as California Roll Factory, Zankou, and Toast

  • Picked up some red velvet cupcakes from Crumbs AND Buttercake Bakery (I LOVE LOVE LOVE red velvet cake. I liked the Crumbs version better.)

  • Watched a whole lot of basketball. The Boy loves him some Lakers.

  • Went to a Midnight showing of the Sex and the City movie with Lana, who had won tickets that were only good for the Friday Midnight showing. Good thing I didn't have work the next day! Loved the movie!

  • Overall, it was a relaxing, very chill week. I'm just sad it's over.


    That Girl said...

    1) How does Jinky's Sherman Oaks compare with Jinky's Santa Monica?
    2) I heard a rumor there's now a Zankou in Orange County, which is way closer than LA, although you do have the boy in LA....
    3) have you tried the red velvet cupcakes from The Daily Scoop in South Park? I haven't but I've heard very good things about them.

    bubbie said...

    that girl . . .
    1) I haven't been to the Jinky's in Santa Monica, so I can't give you a comparision. I do want to try that location out too.
    2) I need to find the Orange County location. Hopefully they're working their way down south and will open a San Diego location soon.
    3) I haven't heard of The Daily Scoop, but now I MUST go check them out!

    That Girl said...

    Update: I tried the cupcakes and they are AMAZING! Huge - the size of a softball, and soooo good.

    bubbie said...

    Oh my gosh! I'm even more excited to go try it now. Maybe this weekend . . .