Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Gotta love on-line shopping

This year, I did some of my Christmas shopping online. I like to do this for a few reasons:

1. I don't have to fight the crowds
2. I can shop whenver I like and in my pajamas no less!
3. Sometimes it can be cheaper to buy things online than in the stores.

Whenever I buy stuff on-line I always do some research first. I will look for coupon codes and I also use Mr. Rebates. I LOVE Mr. Rebates. With this website, you can get a certain percent cash back on your purchases at various online stores such as Nordstrom, Sephora, and even the itunes store. Granted, sometimes the cashback is only 1% of your purchase, but this adds up. Especially if you are going to make these purchases anyways, you might as well use Mr. Rebates. This past Christmas I got back a total of $46.75! How can you not love that?

I'll blog about my Christmas festivities within the next few days. My camera is broken, so I have to try and get some pics from my cousins.

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