Monday, December 17, 2007

Weekend Wrap-up

My weekend was a mix up of boring and fun. Here it goes.

Came home from work. Cooked bistro style short ribs with a recipe from Tyler Florence of the Food Network. It was my first time making it. I really liked it. It's definately something I'll be making again. After dinner, I took my accounting final. I take the class online and I have to say, accounting is really hard to learn on your own. I did better on the final than I thought I had expected, so that was nice. I ended up getting a B in the class. Yay me!

Woke up and then ran errands in the morning. I went to Ralphs to buy some groceries, Kohl's to make use of the 15% friends and family coupon, and then to the bank. The boy and his family came down Saturday evening. They came down in their van to help some family members move some items. I decided to cook dinner for them since the boy is always telling them how I cook all the time and that I cook well. Plus, they always take me out to eat and I thought this would be a nice way to return the favor. I'm always a little afraid to cook for people the first time. What if they don't like my food? Then I'd feel bad because they might feel obligated to finish the food on their plate even though they may potentially hate it. Because of this fear of mine of cooking for people for the first time, I wanted to cook something that I've made for lots of people and that they have all liked. I decided to cook lasagna and banana pudding, both made completely from scratch and both have been enjoyed by many people in the past. Guaranteed winner, right? Wrong. Everyone seemed to enjoy it and even had seconds . . . except for the boys mom. She had her one piece of lasagna on her plate forever. Everyone was already on their second piece and she still had most of her first piece on her plate and she would put the tiniest piece of food on her fork when she would eat it. The only thing she said about dinner was that the salad was good. The salad that came from a bag! I was a little disappointed and a little bit embarassed that she didn't like it. Then I served my home made pudding and she had one bite and that was it. Again, everyone else had 2 servings each. I really don't understand why his mom didn't like my cooking. She doesn't cook so they eat all of their meals out. Mostly they eat at places like Sizzler, Burger King, Coco's, Olive Garden, etc. Now, don't get me wrong, there is nothing bad about those places, but they aren't the best most flavorful places in the world. I figured, if she loves Coco's so much, my food had to at least be as good as that.

Sunday was a very estrogen charged day - MUCH better than Saturday. Woke up early and got my hair cut and highlighted. I love my hair the day I get it cut because my stylist does such a great job of cutting it and blows out my hair for me. Every time I get my hair cut, I get a compliment on it. At least one person, if not more, will come up to me and say what a great hair cut I have. I'm not trying to be vain or anything. I take none of the credit for how good my hair looks. That all goes to Trevor, my stylist. I can never make my hair look that good on my own so they day I get it cut is my best hair day. Went to lunch at a nearby thai place with my sister and my friend H. Then we went on a shopping marathon. We went to Nordstrom rack and Off Fifth. We were on our way to Fashion Valley mall and made a quick pit stop at Coffee Bean to refuel then it was time for more shopping. We all went back to my place to eat left-over lasagna and watched a movie on On Demand. Lucky for me, I have Monday off too. I'll blog about that tonight or tomorrow.

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aww i'm sorry his mom didn't like your cooking. maybe she wasn't feeling well? there's some flu bug going around, and i'm sure what you made was delicious :)