Thursday, December 13, 2007

Peanuuuuuut! Peanut butter and jelly

I've been having some weird cravings for peanut butter sandwiches lately. The other night I was in bed watching tv and I suddenly wanted a pb&j sandwich. Sadly, I had none of the ingredients available. How sad is that? Who doesn't have at least bread in their pantry? It was late so I didn't feel like going to the store to buy it. It took me a few days to buy the ingredients, but I did finally have my sandwich. Then, the other day I was watching Paula Deen on the Food Network. She made a peanut butter and banana sandwich. It looked soooo good. I made myself one for breakfast today. I did switch it up though. I started by spreading Nutella on two slices of bread. I followed thatwith peanut butter. I then added sliced bananas.

I put the pieces of bread together and browned on a pan. It was quite yummy if I do say so myself.

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