Friday, December 7, 2007

oh the weather outside is frightful

It's raining in San Diego. It hardly ever rains here. When it does, it rains like crazy for a few hours (sometimes day) and then its clear skies for months. The rain this weekend is really putting a damper on my weekend plans (pun not intended). Today we were going to go get our Christmas tree. Usually we get it the weekend of Thanksgiving, but we've been so busy this holiday season that we've been putting it off. We were going to go early this morning, but with the rain it's a no go. Tomorrow morning I plan on driving up to LA to see the boy. That should be fun if its still raining. It'll make a 2 hour drive about 3 hours or more. I look forward to it immensly. I was excited to go to LA to see the boy AND our dog. I still get to see the both of them, but I was hoping to take the dog to the dog park. Again, a no go with the rain. I know I'm doing a lot of complaining about the rain and we need it and blah blah blah, rain is good. I guess I just need to have a new weekend plan. When its raining out, my favorite thing to do is stay inside and make a nice fire, watch a movie, and cuddle up with the boy. It should be a nice cozy weekend in for us.

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