Sunday, January 13, 2008

Happy happy joy joy!

My Chargers won! Without LT nonetheless! Well, he played for the first 2 quarters and then was out due to a knee injury. QB Rivers sat out the entire fourth quarter because of an injury too. The rest of the team really stepped it up during their absence. It was SUCH an exciting game! I think my voice is a bit hoarse now from all the yelling. I don't think I've been so nervous watching a game before.

I feel kinda bad for Peyton Manning. He's such a great player and he seems like such a good guy. Today's loss must be hard on him. Next week the Chargers face the Patriots. This game will be much harder, for sure.

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Kate said...

I have to admit, I wasn't expecting a victory yesterday - not with the history we have with the Colts. Now I'm thinking it might not be so far fetched that we beat the Pats next weekend!