Thursday, January 10, 2008

Wedding Fever

I'm at that age where everyone I know seems to be getting married. This past wedding season my sister and 4 other couples I know got hitched. So far, next summer 4 couples I know will be getting married. I found out about one of the weddings yesterday. It got me to thinking of when it'll be my turn. Hopefully, it won't be too far from now. Ideally, I'd like to be married at or by 30. That means I have to be engaged within 2 years, which really means I'd need to be engaged within one year so that I'd have one year to plan the wedding. This is just my ideal timeline. The actual timeline will probably be about one year off, meaning I'll be married at 31. Not too bad, but I'd still prefer to be married by 30. I know 30 is by no means old, but I'd like to get married sooner rather than later. Why the rush? I don't know really. Part of me thinks that I just want to get to plan a wedding where I get to wear a pretty white dress.


mrsmogul said...

I only have one friend who is married and one divorced! The rest are all still single and all in their late 30s!

Kate said...

Can I tell you a really superficial reason not to rush into getting married? I have noticed, since being married, that the people who are older have far more fabulous weddings than young'ins like me. They are much more aware of what they want and seem to have better taste.

bubbie said...

Thanks, Kate. That is definitely a plus. Another plus is that the longer I wait, the more money I may potentially have saved. That is if I do a good job at saving. btw, do you have a blog? If you do, I'd love to check it out.