Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Snickerdoodle what?

I've been cooking and baking a lot lately. I've been meaning to take pictures of my results to post here, but I always forget and/or am too lazy to get my camera stuff out. I moved over the summer and during the move I seem to have put my electronic/camera stuff in different boxes. Since then, I've been too lazy to gather it all together and I just rely on other people (aka the boy) to take pictures. I'll just have to post links to what they should look like.

The other night I made a batch of snickerdoodle muffins. I got the recipe here.Here is a picture of what it should look like, courtesy of Peabody.

Mine didn't come out looking quite as pretty as those. They were mighty tasty if I do say so myself.

Over the weekend I baked chocolate espresso cookies. I woke up with a craving for freshly baked chocolate chip cookies. I wanted to bake something a little bit different though. Something with a twist. I searched on the Food Network website and allrecipes.com. On both sites I found a recipe for the "Neiman Marcus" cookie. I must live under a rock because I've never heard of this cookie before. I decided to try it out. I went to the store and I couldn't find espresso powder. I decided to substitute some instant coffee crystals since I have some in the pantry. Since I've never tried the Neiman Marcus cookie, I can't compare to how it tastes to the original, but they turned out pretty good I think. Now I just need to get me to Neiman Marcus and try out the real thing.


Kate said...

You can't go wrong with a Peabody recipe

Angela said...

check YOU out, bein' all betty crocker and stuff!! lol that's rad.

i was gonna bake this past weekend too, but i forgot i had an appointment with my couch to sit on it and be a bum the entire day. maybe next weekend... ;)