Saturday, January 19, 2008

Sample sale anyone?

There is a premium denim sample sale in San Diego this weekend and I'm not going - Boo! It makes me oh so sad. I love me some premium denim. True Religion, Frankie B, Rock and Republic, William Rast, oh how I love thee! The reason I'm not going is a lack of funds. The job I'm at right now doesn't pay as much as my previous jobs. Plus, I've been trying to save money for the future, which is the responsible grown up thing to do. The not responsible and not grown up part of me really really wants to go. I tried to see if my sister and our friend H wanted to go, but they are both in the lacking funds department too. H just recently went back to school and no longer works so she's living off her savings and student loans now. My sister has a mortgage to pay and in a few months her husband will be leaving his current job for a lesser paying job. Had it not been for all of these situations, the three of SO would've been there. A year ago we hit up all the sample sales there were from here to L.A. What a difference a year makes, huh.

I should show you my jean collection some time. It's so pretty! Although there have been no new additions in an incredibly long time. :(

Dinner with my friends got bumped up to last night. My friend's boyfriend, Fisher, ended up not coming. Since it got moved from Saturday to Friday, no other boyfriends were able to make it and Fisher didn't want to be the only guy there.

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Kate said...

sigh. I need new jeans desperately. I'm currently only wearing one pair. Too bad I'm all full up for this weekend!