Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Target After Chirstmas

I love Target and I love getting good deals on things, combine the two and I'm one happy camper. Because I had work (BOO!), I didn't get a chance to go to Target the day after Christmas, so I missed out on some items that go fast such as hand soaps and dishwashing soap that have Christmas themed packaging that are normally half off. I did get some great gift wrap, boxes, and bags at 50% off. I went back a few days later to check out the 75% off stuff and I was able to score some more bags and boxes. Yesterday I was at Target again. This time I was there to buy non-Christmas items such as shampoo and bar soap. I decided to check out the Christmas stuff to see if I could scrounge up one or two items that were marked at 90% off. Unfortuantely for me, there was nothing left but bags of bows and some really ugly christmas tree skirts. There were a few bags and boxes, but those were damaged. On my way to check out, I passed by the stationary section. Since I like to make my own greeting cards, I decided to check it out. I scored a few super cute christmas items that were 90% off. Yay!

I got all of this for $1.15. Retail price would've been $11.82. Go me!


Nanette said...

Thanks for delurking! I'll definitely be back to check out your site even more. :)

Kate said...

I just discovered Target after Christmas this year. I seriously was giddy with excitement and came home with bags of stuff I have no room for.

bubbie said...

Kate, I don't have room for the stuff either :) Plus, I bought so many gift bags and boxes to last me for years and years to come. It's just too hard to pass up such good deals.